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Author Topic: MPEDERSEN needs a job!  (Read 1446 times)
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« on: November 04, 2011, 12:37:06 am »

Yup - got laid off Nov 1. by a new boss who came into the dept only 6 weeks prior. Caught the entire dept. by surprise. I actually HAD work, but my position is "being eliminated". That means tossing the work onto other people or outsourcing, but AORs were taking away most of the good work that I would normally do. So it's understandable from an objective, business standpoint.

At this point, obviously looking to continue my work as a Flash Developer and a full-time remote employee, but my skills go well beyond Flash and even interactive in general (heck, even listening to public and private aquarium gig ideas).

So, if you think you know of anything, send it my way, ask for my portfolio / resume links etc...(just would rather keep those private unless there's a serious interest).

Wish me luck!


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