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Author Topic: Breeding Journal, Species: Premnas Biaculeatus (Maroon Goldstripe Clowns)  (Read 2721 times)
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« on: October 10, 2010, 06:49:50 pm »

Breeding Journal DataSheet


Species: Premnas biaculeatus
Social Structure: pair
Size of Individuals: female is about 4"/ male is 2 1/2"
Age of Individuals: female is wild cought age unknown / male is about 19 months
Date added to Tank: female- 1/10  male-3/10

Broodstock Tank Details
Size of Tank: 28 gal. Nano cube
Substrate Details: 2 pieces of live rock and a 1/4" of sand
Filtration Details: Carbon and GFO on a regular basis
Water Changes: 12 gal. bi-weekly
Water Temperature: 78.5
Lighting: 150 watt metal halide/ 2-18 watt actinic power compacts (PC)/ 4-LED moonlights
Lighting Cycle: PCs from 11:00am to 10:00pm/ Halide from noon to 9:00pm
Other Tank Inhabitants:Large rose bubble tip Anemone and a few crabs and snails

Broodstock Feeding Details
Food Types: enriched frozen brine and mysis
Feeding Schedule: 2 or 3 times a day

Spawning Details
Date of First Spawn: 4/30/10 (9/1/10 was the first time on the tile)
Spawn Time of Day: Around 5:00 pm
Dates of Consecutive Spawns: Every 9 days
Courtship Details: excessive cleaning of the nest site
Egg Size:
Egg Color: Orange
Egg Count: Hundreds

Hatch Details
Hatch Date: 9/8/10
Hatch Time of Day: 10:15pm
# Days after Spawn: 7
Larvae Description:tiny eyes with a tail/gray in color

Larval Tank Details
Temperature: 78
Size of Larval Tank: 16 gal. dark green tub with 10 gals.of water in it
Substrate Details: none
Other Tank Decor:none
Filtration Details: none
Lighting: 10 watt PC
Lighting Cycle: 24/7 for the first 2 weeks then switched to 12 on 12 off
Water Changes: none for the first week then 2 gals. every other day

Larval Feeding Details
Food Types: Rotifers and Otohime A
Feeding Schedule: Rotifers 3 times a day until day 9/ Days 9-18 Otohime for the first and second feeding then rotifers in the evening

Date of Settlement Start: 9/21/10
Days after Hatch: 13
Date of Settlement End:
Description of Fry: black with white head stripe

Grow-Out Tank Details
Temperature: 78
Size of Grow-Out Tank: 20L
Substrate Details: none
Other Tank Decor:
Filtration Details: sponge filter
Lighting: stock single tube fluorescent
Lighting Cycle: 8 to 10 hours
Water Changes: 5 to 10 gallons weekly
Size at Transfer:
Age at Transfer: 6 weeks

Grow-Out Feeding Details
Food Types: finely crushed Formula One Flakes
Feeding Schedule: 3-4 times daily

Additional Information
Miscellaneous Information:

Spawning pictures


The night before hatch

9/8/10 9:45 pm Transfering eggs from brood stock tank to the rearing tank (GRT)

They started hatching a half hour after the transfer 10:15 pm

All the eggs hatched by 10:45 pm

Added phyto and rotifers after hatch was complete

8 day old GSM

8 day old GSM next to Matt Pedersens 3 day old Perc. GSM on the right

These pics were taken just after meta 9/30/10 by Matt Pedersen

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