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Author Topic: $10 off Reef Crystals Rebate, and Petco $1/gallon sale  (Read 1803 times)
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« on: January 14, 2018, 04:11:22 pm »

Just two quick notes for anyone who wants to know about them.

1. The Petco $1/gallon sale is back, and they're doing 50% off 40s, 55s, and 75s as well according to the email I got. Duluth Petco had all sizes in stock as of Saturday, 1/13/18, but you know these things go fast.

2. Check out this Facebook post from Instant Ocean to get a $10 rebate off a 160-gallon bucket of Reef Crystals - https://www.facebook.com/InstantOcean/photos/a.216427391704231.66122.182201675126803/1954615641218722/?type=3&theater -there's a PDF to download.

You only need to raise one...

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