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Title: LSZOO Monthly Meeting - January 11th, 2018. 6PM til?
Post by: mpedersen on January 10, 2018, 05:03:28 pm
Date: Thursday, January 11th, 2018
Time: 6 PM until ?
Location: Lake Superior Zoo, lower level, main building

This is our routine 2nd Thursday of the Month meeting time at the Zoo.  These meetings will be considered closed meetings for known active LSMAC members / zoo staff & volunteers only (basically, these are project-oriented meetings for the Zoo's reef tank, having unknown people walking in off the street isn't appropriate for these meetings).  We welcome new participants, but we just have to plan accordingly: for details and first timers, please inquire.

Project planned: TBD

Title: Re: LSZOO Monthly Meeting - January 11th, 2018. 6PM til?
Post by: mpedersen on January 11, 2018, 01:40:53 pm
DUE TO WEATHER CONDITIONS, our Zoo Meeting has been rescheduled to next week, 1/18/18, 6 PM.

Title: Re: LSZOO Monthly Meeting - January 11th, 2018. 6PM til?
Post by: mpedersen on January 18, 2018, 11:09:26 pm
Great meeting tonight, good to see Ben, Mike, Boomer, Bethany and Megan all there!  We cleaned the protein skimmer and found that the air intakes had become rather restricted with salt hopefully we're on good footing there and the skimmer will be back operating more effectively.

The tank has an uptick in undesirable algae, and that could be linked to the reduced skimming of the skimmer. Maybe our work tonight will get that back in order. Boomer also took some time to clean out the "refugium".

We discussed the lighting addition again, and the universal decision was that we will move forward even though it effectively drains the club "bank account" (aka. salsa jar) to 0. I have not had time to investigate the failed Neptun WAV pumps...they remain here in a bucket.  Anyone wants to come over and motivate me to tinker, let's get it done.

Megan reported that they're having difficulty maintaining the alkalinity of the reef, and that they're going through more and more 2-part. The fact is, coral growth is rather noticeable and obvious now, and they're rapidly approaching their last 2-part inventory. We've had a calcium reactor on hand, in box, waiting.

So, March will be our Calcium Reactor unboxing meeting. We'll open it up, look at it, discuss it, and maybe even install it. But..we'll target April for the meeting where we actually put it into use.  Sounds like some good projects.

I also raised up a joint weekend outing we're going to do with the crew from Bemidji (FrozenOcean). I need to help plan a few things out, and then we'll put it out there for members to be aware of and consider.

What else? Oh, thanks to you all for helping put all the goodies I brought to use...can't believe some of that stuff has been sitting here, untouched, for a couple years now! 

And once again, Happy Birthday to Ben Harstad!